Friday, February 22, 2002
I was so excited about this site when I finally checked it out... like Hotmail only with an audience. WOW. But I haven't written anything all week and it's largely because when I actually get some stuff posted up here I do intend to send the site out to my friends in the hopes that they aren't so sick of my essay-length emails and still find something interesting enough about what I have to say that they might pop in from time to time to see what's new.
But I've spent the whole week censoring myself in anticipation of these people who I will direct to this site, "No, I won't say that in case so-and-so actually reads this," or "Hmmm, I could only talk about that in a general sense because so-and-so might read about it and get upset..."
What a drag.
I mean, what's the point, really, if I spend all my time trying to find the PERFECT thing to say. Guess I set high standards for myself with the name, which ironically only ONE (1) of my friends will get anyway. Okay, maybe two, but probably only one.
So, today's perfect thing to say really not so perfect at all. In fact, it's what I'd call one of my half-cracked theories. Everyone I've talked to today is groggy. It's a Friday, but more importantly it's a wet, um, high-or-low pressure Friday. (I get them mixed up). Anyway, there's a storm today that moved in with gusto yesterday and it seems to have left everyone sort of, well, groggy today. My half-cracked theory is that people are far more affected by barometric pressure than we acknowledge and the really half-cracked part is that I think doctors and scientists KNOW this already, but they don't publically admit it because then it would legitimatize everyone feeling pathetic on overcast days. Instead they just let people think things like "oh, I'm having a bad day".
So, hmmm, why would you want to read that at all? I don't suppose you would. It's not all that interesting except maybe for some insight into my little world of gentle paranoia. But the point is, now it's here, here on the big big internet and I can retrieve it next time I need an example of one of my half-cracked theories.